Over time, Solomon Lacy’s version of the “American Dream” has evolved.

In high school and college, when the Flint, Michigan native and Alabama State University graduate was a bruising fullback creating paths to first downs and touchdowns for running backs, he envisioned a storied career in the NFL. 

When a tryout with the Atlanta Falcons after college did not lead to anything else in pro football, he turned his attention to rapidly ascending the corporate ladder imagining a lavish corner office and the executive prestige.

Lacy gained insight and vision from his tenure as a corporate recruiter at Home Depot, and recognized that his life’s purpose was helping others pursue their rendition of the American Dream through financial freedom. That led him to launch the Fresh Start Financials Group, which has grown from a boutique credit repair company to a flourishing financial services company that has helped clients attain more than $25 million in funding.

Through the Fresh Start Financials Group’s three-step process, clients embark on a journey that leads to reaching financial goals that were previously blocked by credit barriers and/or lending restrictions, Lacy explained.  The company’s programs range from credit resolution, credit tradelines, personal funding, business funding, and passive income generation through Amazon and Shopify stores, and real estate investments. 

“Many people strive to gain financial security for themselves and their families by starting and growing a business, and/or by making wise investments. Yet, they might be hesitant to move forward because of challenges with credit and funding,” said Lacy, who earned a bachelor’s degree in business and political science, and a master’s degree in clinical and mental health therapy, from Alabama State. “It’s overwhelming when you are in a financial hole that you do not think you can overcome. We provide the steps and the tools to help people achieve what they thought was not possible.”

After getting his master’s degree and spending a short time as a therapist in Atlanta, Lacy recognized that the mental health counseling field was not a lifelong career ambition. Still, he discovered that the knowledge cultivated from that education proved useful since it helped him understand how to effectively relate, connect on build relationships with people of all personality types. 

Lacy’s time as a corporate recruiter at Home Depot was pivotal because he learned the importance of customer service and structure, which resulted in a smooth transition out of corporate America. He became a consultant in the PEO (professional employer organization) field, where he focused on small business services and workers’ compensation.

“This was my first experience building and expanding my business network. I gained the confidence and insight that inspired me to launch Fresh Start Financials Group,” Lacy said. “When you invest time in mastering your craft and demonstrate a genuine commitment to providing something valuable that will positively impact people’s lives, they will gladly do business with you.”

For business owners and individuals who cannot gain funding because of credit barriers, Fresh Start Financials Group has programs that repair and strengthen credit. Once their credit standing is bolstered, Fresh Start offers an array of personal funding and business funding options from lenders. If business owners or individuals want to invest some of the capital to cultivate passive income for the long term, Fresh Start can facilitate investing in Amazon and Shopify stores, and/or real estate opportunities.

Amazon requires an investment of $25,000 with a return on that figure within eight to 12 months, Lacy said. Shopify is $15,000 with a return on that investment in three to six months. Investors are not involved with the operation of the store. 

Mowatt Lacy Capital Group LLC gives investors the opportunity to have equitable interest in real estate projects that the group acquires. This allows joint venture deals in real estate as a capital investor for percentage returns.

“Passive income is valuable, whether you work on your own or have a job and want additional income,” Lacy said. “Even if it is an extra $1,000 or $2,000 a month for the long term, that is beneficial to your family’s security.”

Lacy’s mother is a licensed social worker and his father is a general supervisor at General Motors and a legendary high school basketball coach in Flint. Building his own company as an entrepreneur was not part of his original plan.

“Like most kids who taste some success on the football field in high school and college, I really thought I would play professional football,” Lacy said. “Then I figured I would have a traditional 8-to-5 job that would lead to an executive role and financial comfort.

“I found that I can start and grow a company that allows me to have personal financial freedom by the gratifying reward of helping thousands of people gain their own financial freedom,” Lacy added. “The average person does not want to remain average. I’m inspired to play a part in helping people achieve peace of mind and provide a secure path for the long term.”