It’s Time For A Fresh Start With Your Financial Present And Future! 

We give a fresh start to your acquisition power! Beginning with credit resolution, then funding and finally investment pairing with automated income streams.

The perfect 3 step process for everyday people and the extraordinary!

Welcome to Fresh Start Financials Group

Personalized Credit Resolution & Investing

The American Dream. For most of us, that involves achieving financial comfort and security. Many of us desire to reach those goals by starting and growing a business, and/or by making wise investments. Yet, we might be hesitant to move forward because of challenges with credit and funding. Fresh Start Financials Group provides you with the tools to help you attain your idea of the American Dream!

At Fresh Start, we can help you with credit repair so that you can be in a better position for your financial future. If you want funding, we can help you with personal finance and business start-ups and existing businesses. If you’re interested in automated income streams that provide long-term monthly revenue, we can help you launch your own Amazon of Shopify business.

Let us guide you to a better life by connecting you with tools for a Fresh Start!

Step 1

Repair Or Strengthen

Does your credit need improvement? We will repair it. Is your credit good? We will strengthen it.

Step 2

Acquire Capital

As your financial picture improves with your stronger credit, you will have more opportunities from our lenders, including personal funding and business funding.

Step 3

Investment Pairing

Your credit is solid, and your funding is in hand. Now there are opportunities for passive and active investments.


Create a Customized Strategy Designed for You!

Through the Fresh Start Financials Group’s unrivaled three-step process, you will pave the way for a journey that will lead to financial independence and a better quality of life. Let us help you achieve financial goals that previously were not possible because of credit barriers and/or lending restrictions. It is our passion to propel underdogs to champions with their credit, business interests and investments.

Our Services

Fresh Start Financials Group offers multiple programs to help you achieve your preferred objective in a shorter time frame than perhaps you think is possible. Let us introduce you to programs ranging from credit resolution, credit tradelines, personal funding, business funding and investments.

Credit Resolution Plans

We offer several solutions to credit challenges, and we help with elevating established credit to a higher level. We accomplish this through a proprietary process that propels you on the fast track to financial freedom.


Business Funding

Most businesses only receive up to 10 percent, based on their cash flow after two years of history. Fresh Start Financials Group can accelerate your path with an already aged corporation. With an established standing, you will have access to increased capital!

Personal Funding

Hard lending options lead to high rates that are a burden to your finances. We offer alternative personal finance options that will give you the money you need at rates that won’t bury you. Diversification is the key to financial balance and security, and that is what we provide.


Once you have upgraded your credit standing, and acquired funding, it’s time to build your financial future. We have an array of rewarding passive and active investments that will help you accomplish your goals.

Paperwork was so simple-very quick...
"The entire process went much more quickly than I expected. Getting the paperwork together was simple it took me less than a couple of hours and one trip to the bank and they found me a good loan offer within a few days. They are well organized and efficient

Joseph H.

Construction Business Owner

We got funded really fast. They were able to secure a business loan, that we couldn’t get with our local bank, we have used their services twice already and we got funded really fast, we are very happy with them.
We would definitely recommend their services

Stephanie Rawson

Very simple and straightforward …
Attaining the funds was a simple process.
The re-payment process is very simple and straight forward and makes the bookkeeping easy. It is a bit more costly than a bank, but in emergencies or when your bank is too slow to respond, I highly recommend.


Dry Cleaning Business Owner


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We promise it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, but maybe a little sweat equity. Whether you are just beginning your journey away from corporate America, or you have an established funding opportunity, bring it to the table. Stop waiting!